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A Caregivers Guide to Dental Health

A Caregivers Guide to

Dental Health

Though many of us never saw this coming, we are now the caregivers for our loved ones.

The information below can help caregivers be aware of how important healthy mouths and teeth are as we age. 

AND how challenging it can be to stay ahead of possible infection and other serious issues.  

There are over 44 million family caregivers in the United States.  Caregiving can be a difficult, exhausting job.  Keeping your loved one’s mouth and teeth healthy is not only important for their dental health but also for their overall health and more.  The mouth and teeth can be the gateway for serious health issues and must be cared for and maintained to insure a healthy body. 


Keeping the mouth and teeth clean can prevent pain in your teeth and infection that can lead to other serious issues.

There are times and ages when adults need extra help to make sure daily care is happening. 

Memory loss is a huge issue with dementia often masking what the needs really are. 

The ability to hold a toothbrush can be lost with arthritis and other physical issues.  

Brush teeth twice a day for two minutes 

Clean between teeth daily with floss or other cleaner.

Rinse dentures after each meal

Brush them daily with denture cleaner

Take dentures out at night

Eat and drink healthy, avoiding sugary drinks and snacks.

Watch for symptoms that could signal larger issues.

While still mobile,  take loved one 😀  to the dentist for checkups.