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Back to School Check-ups


August is a time when parents and children make sure they check off their readiness list for heading back to school.  Besides a backpack of supplies and booster shots think about

the importance of a dental check up to help fight the most common chronic school-age disease, cavities. 

Prevention and early detection

can help avoid pain, trouble eating, difficulty speaking and school absences. 

Planning ahead is important so think about making that back to school appointment in the spring to avoid the rush. 

Parents can help their children get a “cavity-free” check up, by encouraging children to brush 2xday for 2 minutes and floss once a day. 

There are appropriate Dental Habits for each age.  Check out to find what is best for your child’s age.

Remember when scheduling your child’s dental appointment that timing is everything.  Pick an appointment time that fits your child’s schedule and helps them experience a successful check-up.

Remember to leave your own anxiety at the door.  Role model a healthy attitude towards the professional who will be taking care of their teeth. 

If your child falls apart, keep your cool.  Work with the dental team to help your child get through this situation in a positive manner.

All this adds up to a life long, positive attitude towards your child’s ORAL HEALTH