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Be Well

   Healthy Oral Health Habits are the key!

Tooth decay is the build up of plaque, a thin film of bacteria that grows throughout the day. It grows on your teeth’s enamel which is a protective outer coating.  When this bacteria builds up along the gum line and under the gums it can cause gum disease which in turn can cause gingivitis.   With out attention and constant good oral health habits, gingivitis can eventually cause periodontitis, an infection that destroys gums and teeth and the tissue and bone that holds them in place.  This can be a serious problem not only to your oral health but your health in general.  There continues to be research linking oral health to total body health.  Take this seriously so you can continue to enjoy living a healthy life.  

Brush 2x a day for two minutes and floss everyday with regular check ups with your dentist.