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Can Coffee Save Your Teeth?

Can drinking coffee help your teeth stay healthy and in your mouth?  Well this is what researchers have been saying.  Research from Boston University and others suggest that drinking coffee can help protect your teeth from periodontal disease, which is inflammation of your gums and jawbone.  The research showed that those who drank a cup or more of coffee a day had fewer teeth with bone loss which is an indicator of periodontal disease.  Bone loss can lead to loosening and eventual loss of teeth.  It is believed that the antioxidants in coffee explain the difference, they protect the teeth.  Coffee does stain your teeth but it is less acidic than many other common beverages, like fruit juices, sodas and energy drinks.  Those drinks have been sited as weakening the protective enamel around the teeth.   So have your coffee and enjoy some of the benefits including hanging onto your teeth. 

Some of this interesting information came from an article in Men’s Health Magazine, by Christa Sgobba, August 30,2014