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“Common Oral Bacteria May Accelerate Growth Of Colon Cancer 

   A release on EurekAlert (3/4) states scientists previously have “demonstrated that about a third of colorectal cancers are associated with a common oral bacterium called F. nucleatum,” and “those cases are often the most aggressive.” Now, in a studypublished in the journal EMBO Reports, researchers at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine discovered how F. nucleatum “accelerates the growth of colon cancer.” The release states “the researchers found in cell cultures that noncancerous colon cells lack a protein, called Annexin A1, which stimulates cancer growth,” and “they then confirmed both in vitro and later in mice that disabling Annexin A1 prevented F. nucleatum from binding to the cancer cells, slowing their growth.” The researchers also found that “F. nucleatum increases production of Annexin A1, attracting more of the bacteria,” and “patients with increased Annexin A1 expression had a worse prognosis, regardless of the cancer grade and stage, age, or sex.”

        The Daily Mail (UK) (3/4) reports Dr. Yiping Han, of Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine, said the research helps explain why some cases advance more quickly than others. “We identified a positive feedback loop that worsens the cancer’s progression,” said Dr. Han.”

From ADA Morning Huddle March 5, 2019