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Our Services

Northern Michigan Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has specialized in:

  • Removal or extractions of diseased, broken, painful , crowded or useless impacted teeth including wisdom teeth.
  • Dental Implants are the replacements for missing individual teeth.  They are anchored to the bone and function like natural teeth.
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery is to prepare the jaws to accommodate an implant, bridge, partial or denture by smoothing, re-contouring, or replacing tissues and bone in the most aesthetic and functional way.
  • Bone grafting rebuilds the missing bone in the jaws for implants or other prosthetic devices,  or restore natural contours to facial structures.
  • Orthodontic surgery is the repositioning and reconstructing of the jaws to correct bad bites and/or crowding.
  • Outpatient anesthesia is conscious sedation, inhalation anesthesia, or other methods beyond simple numbing and is used in conjunction with local anesthesia.  Dr. Osetek has advanced training in office administered anesthesia.  He has undergone peer evaluation of the office setting, staff and protocols to administer and monitor safe anesthesia in the office setting.  Dr. Osetek has been an evaluator of other oral surgeons and their practices in the administering and safe monitoring of anesthesia in the office setting. 
  • Pathology is the study of disease,, disease processes and pathways to healing.  Excision of lesions are done in order to establish an accurate diagnosis to allow for appropriate treatment.
  • Biopsy is the removal of a portion or all of a pathological condition in order to establish a diagnosis and determine treatment.  Frequently no further treatment is needed other than removal of the lesion.
  • Facial trauma treatment involves replacing teeth that have been knocked out, or damaged, fixing broken jaws, repairing lacerations of the mouth and facial region and reconstructing facial structures.

Hospital Services:
We are on staff at McLaren Northern Michigan Regional Hospital as well as Charlevoix Area Hospital and can provide inpatient services to hospitalized patients or patients need to have procedure done at the hospital due to concurrent medical conditions which prevent him from having procedures done in the outpatient setting.