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Is Sparkling Water Bad for my Teeth?

Here is the answer you have all been waiting for…

Answer: Because any drink with carbonation has a higher acid level, some have been concerned about the effect Sparking Water may have on your tooth enamel.  It has been found that when comparing tap water to sparkling water they are pretty much the same.  Tap water is the BEST for you because of fluoride and also no added ingredients.  

If you love the fizziness of carbonated water, be sure to be mindful about your drink of choice.

  • If the sparkling water is citrus flavored it will add more acid to the drink which is less healthy for your enamel.  Plain is better.
  • Do not sip it all day long exposing your teeth over and over again.
  • Some sparkling water brands add sugar.  Not Good!  It is no longer just water then.  Tap water is the best!