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Think Twice!!

Some times we are in a hurry and just reach for another person’s toothbrush.  Sometimes we forgot ours and just quickly brush with a toothbrush belonging to another.

  So what’s the harm??   Well…

In a recent article in Reader’s Digest they discuss the “unnecessary health risks” you are taking when you make the decision to share a toothbrush.  Our mouths contain loads of bacteria.  Bacteria like staph and E. coli can lead to infection and illness.  It is a wise decision to “think twice” and do not put yourself in harms way.  Also after use, rinse your toothbrush thoroughly and store it on end in the upright position to keep it separate and away from other people’s toothbrushes.  Why take a chance? Your mouth can be the gateway to harmful bacteria. 

Protect yourself!! 

Do not share toothbrushes with another person.